Entertainment And The Rose

The Rose has an active role in almost all form of today’s media. 


Walt Disney

What  are our children watching?


Final Fantasy

The Rose has even appeared in the Final Fantasy series.


The Lion King

Besides inspirations from William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet, the story also has elements of the Osirian family myths of Ancient Egyptian mythology. In the Osirian myths, the king (Mufasa/Osiris) is killed by his jealous brother (Scar/Seth) and the rightful heir (Simba/Horus) is sent into exile as a boy. The murdered king visits and mentors his son in ghostly visits and when the heir comes of age, he returns to exact revenge on his father’s murderer.-http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0110357/trivia


Trinity Broadcasting network

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is an international Christian-based broadcast television network as well as the world’s largest religious television network. – Wikipedia



Pinocchio is a story of reaching enlightenment. It was originally written by Carlo Lorenzini better known by the pen name Carlo Collodi a freemason. Then, later made into a cartoon movie by Walt Disney.



Mickey Mouse

He is a Honorary DeMolay. It is the only group that Mickey belonged to.

google 666


The Google corporation has a few hidden secrets.


Osiris: The Series

Osiris: The Series

The series follows the title character “Osiris“, a man with an eternally extended warranty on life. He can never stay dead. If killed, he resurrects in EXACTLY 37 minutes, every time.

Prometheus Entertainment

Prometheus Entertainment

Prometheus Entertainment is an American production company, specializing in documentary, reality, and non-fiction television programming and specials.” – wikipedia


Star Trek

“As nearly as I can concentrate on the question today, I believe I am God; certainly you are, I think we intelligent beings on this planet are all a piece of God, are becoming God.” Interview with Gene Roddenberry in “Star Trek Creator” by David Alexander

The first Barbie doll.


“Every little girl needed a doll through which to project herself into her dream of her future, If she was going to do role playing of what she would be like when she was 16 or 17, it was a little stupid to play with a doll that had a flat chest. So I gave it beautiful breasts.”  – Ruth Handler a 1977 interview, as quoted in the obituary.

Esoteric Media

Just some media that has or possibly has an esoteric meaning.

The Beatles

They were an English rock band that became omerguably the most successful act of the 20th century.

ABS-CBN News Lies

Exposure of the lies of ABS-CBN News.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh popularized by Walt Disney, it might be surprising that the franchise’s true story centers around Christopher Robin and his schizophrenia disorder and not Pooh himself.  All of his imaginary friends are actually stuffed toys. These characters  are in his head, they are representing feelings that he actually experiences himself.


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