Khepera: The Sacred Scarab

“The Sacred Scarab: In this form the ancient Egyptians worshiped Khepera, the rising Sun, and the sacred scarab was buried with the dead as the symbol of resurrection. For as the run rises from the darkness of night, so the divine spirit rises from the body that in no more. The life is eternal.”-The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall Pg 50

“From the Latin Scarabaeus, a beetle, the ancient Egyptian symbol usually combining representations of the sacred insect with a pellet suggesting the sun, the whole sacred to the sun-god. Sometimes the venerated beetle as a living soul is shown with outstretched wings or with the horned head of a ram. Scarabs often are inscribed with mottoes or other similar lettering.”-Encyclopedia of freemasonry by Albert Mackey under Scarab

The Winged Beetle by Aleister Crowley
The Winged Beetle by Aleister Crowley a collection of occultic poems.

Paul McCartney when the Beatles split formed a new band called Wings, thus  in effect being the Winged Beatle.


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