The Ark of the Covenant

“The Ark, that great spiritual principle, surrounded by its loving workers, is calling all to follow It.” -The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall Pg 60

“All have, like the Jewish people, lost much of their power and glory when they lost the sacred Ark. In ancient Chaldea and Phoenicia the Ark was well known. India celebrates it as the Lotus, and the ancient Egyptians tell how the moon god Osiris was imprisoned in an ark. In all the Mystery Religions of the world, individually and cosmically, the ark represent the fountain-head of wisdom.” -The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall Pg 55

“The Rod that Budded, the Pot of Manna, and the Tablets of the Law: In these three things contained within the Ark we see the threefold spirit contained within the ark of man’s bodies. “-The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall Pg 58

“In the brain of man, between the wings of the kneeling cherubim, is the mercy seat, and there man speaks with his God as the priest of the tabernacle spoke to the spirit of the Lord hovering between the wings of the Angels.

Man is again the Ark, and within him are the three principles, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—the tablets of the law, the pot of manna, and the rod that budded. But as in the case of the ancient Israelites, when they became crystallised the pot of manna and the rod that budded were removed from the Ark, and all that was left were the tablets or the letters of the law…

….the material reasons from which the spiritual life has gone.”-The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall Pg 59


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