Sacred City of Shamballa

The Great Mosque, Mecca
The Great Mosque, Mecca

“In every mythology and legendary religion of the world there is one spot that is sacred above all others to the great ideal of that religion….

…those are symbols of one universal ideal, and as each of these religions claimed among the clouds a castle and a home, so it is said that all the religions of the world have their head-quarters in Shamballa, the Sacred City in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Among the oriental peoples there are wonderful legends of this sacred city, where it is said the Great White Lodge or Brotherhood meets to carry on the governing of world affairs.” The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall 

“Eschenbach realized this, for the Order of the Holy Grail, with its temple and its knights, is only a veiled reference to Shambhala.”  – Orders of the Quest, The Holy Grail (Adept Series) by Manly P. Hall Pg. 101

“…for like the Masonic brother and his Jacob’s Ladder…” The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall

“In the spreading of the bone between the eyes called the frontal sinus, is the seat of the divine in man. There, in a peculiar gaseous material, floats, or rather odds, or is, the fine essence which we know as the Spirit. This is the Lost City in the Sacred Desert, connected to the lower world by the Rainbow Bridge, or the Silver Cord, and it is to this point in himself that the student is striving to rise. This is the Sacred Pilgrimage of the Soul, in which the individual leaven the lower man and the world below and climbs upward into the Higher Man or Higher World, the brain. This is the great pilgrimage to Shamballa, and as that great city is the center for the direction of our earth, to the corresponding great city in man is the center for his governmental system.” -The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall  Pg 29

“In the Western World the lotus has been changed to the rose. The roses of the Rosicrucian, the roses of the Masonic degrees, and also those of the Order of the Garter in England, all stand for the same thing, the awakening of consciousness and the unfolding into full bloom of the soul qualities of man. When man awakens and opens this bud within himself, he finds, like the gold pollen in a flower, this wonderful spiritual city, Shamballa, in the heart of the lotus.” The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 32



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