Philosophers’ Stone

“This is the true stone of the philosopher, which gives him power over all created things. This stone is himself. The experiences of his evolution have cut and polished the rough stone until in the Initiate it reflects the light of creation from a thousand different facets.” – The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 34

…(von Eschenbach)  states that the Grail was not a cup or vessel, but a stone. We may, then, think again of the Philosophers’ Stone and the Hermetic Emerald.”  – Orders of the Quest, The Holy Grail (Adept Series) by Manly P. Hall Pg. 84

“The Quest of the Holy Grail, the Search for the Stone of the Philosophers—by whatever name we choose to call the Great Work—is therefore endless. Success only opens up new avenues of brilliant possibility. Yea, verily, and Amen! the task is tireless and its joys without bounds; for the whole Universe, and all that in it is, what is it but the infinite playground of the Crowned and Conquering Child, of the insatiable, the innocent, the ever-rejoicing Heir of Space and Eternity, whose name is MAN?”- Crowley, Aleister. Little Essays Toward Truth. “Man.”

“The alchemist realizes that he himself is the Philosopher’s Stone, and that this stone is made diamond-like when the salt and the sulphur, or the spirit and the body, are united thorugh mercury, the link of mind.” – The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 37

“The Marriage of the Sun and Moon (The Hermetic Marriage): This takes place in man when the heart and mind are joined in eternal union. It occurs when the positive and negative poles within are united, and from that union is made the Philosopher’s Stone.” – The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 40

“The clasped hands represent the united man in which the higher and the lower are working for their mutual betterment, by a co-operative rather than a competitive system. The five-pointed star is the soul body, born of this co-operation it is the living Philosopher’s Stone. ” -The Initiates of the Flame  Manly P. Hall pg. 41

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