Jacques DeMolay

Jacques De Molay, said to be the last grandmaster of the Knights Templar was elected in 1297.

“There is a legend held by some authorities and rejected by others that in 1314 Jacques de Malay, realizing that his end was near, appointed Johannes Marcus Lormenius to be his successor.”-Orders of the Quest, The Holy Grail (Adept Series) by Manly P. Hall pg 35

 The persecution of the Templars, thinly veiled under ecclesiastical and secular trials and convictions, extended over a period of approximately six years, and Jacques de Molay was imprisoned five and a half years before his execution. During this time the Grand Master, together with most of his officers and more prominent knights, was subjected to indescribable tortures. Many died of pain and exhaustion, and some, unable to endure further suffering, confessed to the crimes with which they had been charged. A number of these, however, later retracted their confessions and died gallantly, rather than to perjure their immortal souls to preserve their bodies. “-Orders of the Quest, The Holy Grail (Adept Series) by Manly P. Hall pg 33

“De Molay must have realized from the beginning of the elaborate series of trials that justice had no place in the procedures. The Order was doomed from the beginning, and on the 18th of March 1314, he stood before the cardinal of Alba and heard the sentence of perpetual imprisonment. When the cardinal began a detailed account of the guilt of the Templars based upon confessions obtained by torture, the Grand Master interrupted him with a sweeping denial: “I know the punishments which have been inflicted on all the knights who had the courage to revoke a similar confession; but the dreadful spectacle which is presented to me is not able to make me confirm one lie by another. The life offered to me on such infamous terms I abandon without regret.”…

…When King Philip learned the course that events were taking, his rage knew no bounds, and, without even recourse to the procedure of the ecclesiastical court, he decreed that the knights should be immediately burned at the stake…

…de Molay addressed the huge assemblage with these prophetic words : “France will remember our last moments. We die innocent. The decree that condemns us is an unjust decree, but in heaven there is an august tribunal, to which the weak never appeal in vain. To that tribunal, within forty days, I summon the Roman Pontiff. Oh! Philip, my king, I pardon thee in vain, for thy life is condemned at the tribunal of God. Within a year I await thee.” The pontiff was stricken by an obscure ailment and actually died on the 19th day of the following month. The Church in which his body was placed took fire, and the corpse was half consumed. King Philip, before the year had elapsed, also departed from this world in misery and great pain. Most of the active persecutors of the Order perished by premature or violent deaths—events which caused widespread consternation.”-Orders of the Quest, The Holy Grail (Adept Series) by Manly P. Hall pg 34-35

Jacques de Molay and Masonry

“Levi gives a slightly different account. According to him, de Molay organized and instituted Occult Masonry. “-Orders of the Quest, The Holy Grail (Adept Series) by Manly P. Hall pg  35

“The end of the drama is well known, and how Jacques de Molay and his fellows perished in the flames. But before his execution, the Chief of the doomed Order organized and instituted what afterward came to be called the Occult, Hermetic, or Scottish Masonry. In the gloom of his prison, the Grand Master created four Metropolitan Lodges, at Naples for the East, at Edinburg for the West, at Stockholm for the North, and at Paris for the South.” [The initials of his name, J∴ B∴ M∴ found in the same order in the first three Degrees, are but one of the many internal and cogent proofs that such was the origin of modern Free-Masonry” – Morals and Dogma p820 Albert Pike 

“The close relationship between Freemasonry and the original Knights Templars has caused the story of Hiram to be linked with the martyrdom of Jacques de Molay. According to this interpretation, the three ruffians who cruelly slew their Master at the gates of the temple because he refused to reveal the secrets of his Order represent the Pope, the king, and the executioners.  De Molay died maintaining his innocence and refusing to disclose the philosophical and magical arcana of the Templars.” – Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall page 78

The Order of DeMolay is named after Jacque DeMolay.

Jacques De Molay looks exactly like Christian Rosenkreutz.
Jacques De Molay looks exactly like Christian Rosenkreutz.

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