Rough & Perfect Ashlar

“The cube stone is the body; it her been as symbolized for centuries, and today among the Masons the Ashlar is the symbol of Man. ” -The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 67

“They  referred  to  ignorant  and  uncultured  humans  as  a rough  ashlar,  that  is,  an  uncut  stone  as  it  comes  from  the  quarry,  unsuited  to  the  purposes  of  building.    Through the  refinement  which  resulted  from  self-discipline  and  an  addiction  to  the  divine  arts,  man  perfected  himself;   becoming  square,  upright,  and  true,  thus  forming  the  true  ashlar,  or  the  cut  stone  which  could  fit  with  others into  a  pattern  of  masonry.  In  their  secret  work  the  Dionysians  thus  were  social  and  political  temple  builders, and  the  temple  upon  which  they  labored  was  the  living  temple  of  the  Living  God,  “built  of  stone  made  ready before  it  was  brought  thither;    so  that  there  was  neither  hammer  nor  axe  nor  any  tool  of  iron  heard  in  the  house while  it  was  in  the  building.”    This  temple  was  human  society  perfected;   and  each  enlightened  and  perfected human  being  was  a  true  stone  for  its  building.”– The Secret Destiny of America by Manly P. Hall

“Albert Pike found in the Ashlar symbolism a picture of the true state. “The Rough Ashlar is the people, as a mass, rude and unorganised. The Perfect Ashlar, cubical stone, symbol of perfection, is the State, the rules deriving their powers from the consent of the governed; the constitution and the laws speaking the will of the people; the government harmonious, symmetrical, efficient—its powers properly distributed and duly adjusted in equilibrium.” – Symbolical Masonry, by H.L. Haywood, [1923]

“This is the true stone of the philosopher, which gives him power over all created things. This stone is himself. The experiences of his evolution have cut and polished the rough stone until in the Initiate it reflects the light of creation from a thousand different facets.” – The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 34


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