Masonry a religious order

“Webster has given two distinct definitions of religion:

1. Recognition of God as an object of worship, love and obedience.

2. Any system of faith and worship.

It is plain that in the first sense in which we may take the word religion, Masonry may rightfully claim to be called a religious institution.”– The origin of Freemasonry and Knights templar by Bennett, John Richardson, (1907) pg. 194

“Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion and its teachings are instruction in religion. Here we meet as brethren, to learn to know and love each other. This is the true religion revealed to the ancient patriarchs; which Masonry has taught for many centuries, and which it will continue to teach as long as time endures.” (Morals and Dogmas, Albert Pike pg. 213, 214.)

“The same idea is maintained in the construction of Masonic Lodges, which are but imitations, in spirit, of the ancient temples.”-The origin of Freemasonry and Knights templar by Bennett, John Richardson, (1907) pg. 55

“The religious faith thus taught by Masonry is indispensable to the attainment of the great ends of life; and must therefore have been designed to be a part of it.We are made for this faith; and there must be something, somewhere, for us to believe in. We cannot grow healthfully,nor live happily, without it. If we could cut off from any soul all the principles taught by Masonry, the faith in a God, in immortality, in virtue, in essential rectitude, that soul would sink into sin, misery, darkness, and ruin.” (Morals and Dogma, Albert Pike).

Freemasonry is not only a universal science, but a world wide religion, and owes allegiance to no one creed, and can adopt no sectarian dogma as such, without ceasing thereby to be Masonic. Drawn from the Kabbalah, and taking the Jewish or Christian verbiage or symbols, it but discerns in them universal truths, which it recognizes in all other religions. Freemasonry is not Christianity, nor a substitute for it. It is not intended to supersede it nor any other form of worship or system of faith. Its religion is that general one of nature and primitive revelations, handed down to us from some ancient and patriarchal priesthood.” -The origin of Freemasonry and Knights templar by Bennett, John Richardson, (1907) pg. 109

Freemasonry may rightfully claim to be called a religious institution…

But the religion of Freemasonry is not sectarian. It admits men of every creed within its hospitable bosom, rejecting none and approving none for his peculiar faith. It is not Judaism, though there is nothing in it to offend a Jew; it is not Christianity, but there is nothing repugnant to the faith of a Christian. Its religion is that general one of nature and primitive revelation – handed down to us from some ancient and Patriarchal Priesthood – in which all men may agree and in which no men can differ.”  (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackey Vol. 3, ed., Vol. 2, pp. 847-848. under Religion of Freemasonry)

Albert Mackey’s full entry of Religion Of Freemasonry can be seen here.

Freemasonry is emphatically a  religious institution; it teaches the existence of God. It points to the celestial canopy above where is the Eternal Lodge and where He presides. It instructs us in the way to reach the  portals of that distant temple” The Mystic Tie, Albert G. Mackey p. 32)

Masonry, like all the religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled, to conceal the truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it.” – Albert Pike Morals and Dogma, p. 104-5

Masonry is a religion seeking to unite God and man by elevating its initiates to that level of consciousness whereon they can behold with clarified vision the workings of the Great Architect of the Universe. – The Secret Teachings of All Ages By Manly P. Hall pg. 199

“Much of the Masonic secret manifests itself, without speech revealing it, to him who even partially comprehends all the Degrees in proportion as he receives them; and particularly to those who advance to the highest Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. That Rite raises a corner of the veil, even in the Degree of Apprentice; for it there declares that Masonry is a worship…

…It is the universal, eternal, immutable religion, such as God planted it in the heart of universal humanity. No creed has ever been long-lived that was not built on this foundation. It is the base, and they are the superstructure…

…The ministers of this religion are all Masons who comprehend it and are devoted to it;” – Albert Pike Morals and Dogma,p. 218-219

There are many terms that are also related to Masonry and religion. Masonic Lodges are temples. There are offices in the Lodge such as Grand High Priest, General Grand High Priest, and Worshipful Master.


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