The Order of the Trapezoid

Anton LaVey formed the Order of the Trapezoid within the Church of Satan.

” The Order of the Trapezoid consists of the individuals who assist in the administration of the Church of Satan. “-

“The O.Tr. is the ‘board of directors’ and security staff of the Church. Its functions are many, and its members are chosen by appointment, according to the special abilities and attributes of each. All Priests and Priestesses are automatically admitted into the Order, although identities of most members of the Order are unknown even to each other. Members of the Governing or Grand Council of the Trapezoid are known only to the High Priest, who solicits their aid when required.”- a 1970 issue of The Cloven Hoof

“In accordance with (Anton) LaVey’s explorations of demonic geometry, they took to wearing an odd-shaped black and red medallion adorned with a bat-winged demon and formed a group called the Order of the Trapezoid, which later evolved into the governing body of the Church of Satan.

Those who attended LaVey’s soirees always comprised an array of professions and pursuits: “the Baroness” Carin de Plessen—who grew up in the Royal Palace of Denmark, Dr. Cecil Nixon—magician and eccentric extraordinaire, underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger, as well as artists, attorneys, doctors, writers, and law enforcement officers. City Assessor Russell Wolden might share the room with Donald Werby, one of San Francisco’s most influential property owners; anthropologist Michael Harner with writer Shana Alexander. A ship’s purser might be seated next to a deep-sea diver, a dildo manufacturer next to a plastic surgeon. A famous tattoo artist, the grandson of a U.S. president, the owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Fabergé artifacts—all attended LaVey’s get-togethers. The field of fantasy and science fiction personages alone yielded the likes of Anthony Boucher, August Derleth, Robert Barbour Johnson, Reginald Bretnor, Emil Petaja, Stuart Palmer, Clark Ashton Smith, Forrest J. Ackerman, Fritz Leiber, Jr., to name a few, into LaVey’s circle of magical compatriots.”-

“LaVey-centeredpolitical organization of the O.Tr. kept it from becoming a proper order within the Church of Satan. The formula remained a thought experiment throughout the demise of the Church, and the ascension of the Temple of Set, where it was alternatively used to designate the Council of Nine and the Magistry. On October 19th, 1983, Dr. Michael Aquino, Magus of Xeper, HighPriest and founder of the Temple of Set;…

…insure that the arts which emerged from this marriage wouldnever be misused again, Dr.Aquino reestablished the Order of the Trapezoidas a chivalric order of Knights sworn to uphold standards of honor and ethicalconduct.The formula had come alive.” -Sir Thorwald, K.Tr.

The Grail Quest is the centralactivity of the Order. Each Knight must find his or her own path of becoming, and swear to its realization. The Grail is the ultimate truth of one’s ultimate endeavor. It is a truth which is ever sought yet never found. Yet there are ways to partake of that which cannot be fully grasped. The keys can be found in the seeking.” -Sir Thorwald, K.Tr.