Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford claims to be spokesman for The White Dragon Society which was formally know as The Black Dragon Society.
Benjamin Fulford claims to be spokesman for The White Dragon Society which was formally know as The Black Dragon Society.

He did an interview with Heizō Takenaka. Heizō Takenaka worked in the Ministry of Finance as a money supply researcher from 1982 to 1987. Benjamin said that in this interview, he confronted Mr. Heizō Takenaka about  having evidence linking David Rockefeller to the murder of some bankers and other people in Japan in an effort to take over the Japanese financial system. He stated this resulted in him being offered  by ninja the position as finance minister of Japan and was told if he declined he would be murdered. The ninja even gave him a gold masonic badge during this confrontation. The next day, The White Dragon Society offered him protection in  which he accepted.

He has a wide following among  conspiracies on the Internet. On Youtube he has versions of his weekly reports from Japan. He has also appeared on national Japanese television regularly. Which he makes statements  and claims, such as his giving threatens and ultimatums to the Illuminati. He assurance to the “human race” that The White Dragon Society  has to 6 million of globally which includes 1.8 million gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins. They have vowed to take down the NWO. He also has alleged that SARS was a bio-attack aimed at the Asian populace. He say after the 33rd degree in freemasonry there a hidden 13 more above degrees.

He was former editor-in-chief for Asian affairs at Forbes magazine. He is a best selling author in Japan.

Benjamin Fulford claimed in his  interview with David Rockefeller he was possessed by his great-grandfather Benjamin Fulford. Benjamin told him that David Rockefeller was going to die soon and had little time to changes his ways. Four years later David Rockefeller celebrated his 100th birthday.

George Taylor Fulford

He claims his great-grandfather is George Taylor Fulford.

George Taylor Fulford, was a Canadian Senator and a wealthy philanthropist. He was the first Canadian to have a fatal automobile accident victim on record.  Saying, George was murdered in a conspiracy by the Rockefeller family because he was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s research into Free Energy.  He also claims the Rockefeller family took over the family fortune

Benjamin says,  George Taylor Fulford was the richest person on earth and the largest single shareholder in General Electric.

Daikaku Chodoin and Benjamin Fulford have strong ties and work closely together.

Benjamin Fulford also has connections with Alexander Romanov.


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