United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs

United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs is head of The Department of Political Affairs (DPA). This basically is the chief and commander of the United Nations Army. This postion has almost always been held be a soviet.

“Promoting Peaceful, Political Solutions to Conflict The Department of Political Affairs (DPA) plays a central role in the United Nations’ efforts to prevent and resolve deadly conflict around the world through analysis and advice to the Secretary-General, support to mediation, elections and other peacebuilding efforts internationally and through political missions on the ground. With the support of UN Member States, DPA is evolving into a more mobile and agile platform for crisis response, capable of rapidly deploying mediation experts and other peacemaking expertise to the field and partnering effectively with regional organizations at the frontlines of conflicts.” -http://www.un.org/wcm/content/site/undpa/

Jeffrey D. Feltman – 2012- U.S.A.

B. Lynn Pascoe – 2007-2012 U.S.A.

Ibrahim Gambari – 2005-2007 Nigeria

Kieran Prendergast – 1998-2005 Scotland

Marrack Goulding – 1993-1997 England

James O.C. Jonah – 1992-1994 Sierra Leone

Vladimir F. Petrovsky – 1992 USSR

Vasilly S. Safronchuk – 1987-1992 USSR

Viacheslav A. Ustinov – 1981-1986 USSR

Mikhail D. Sytenko – 1978-1981 USSR

Arkady N. Shevchenko – 1973-1978 Foreign Intelligence Service (Russia) then CIA USSR

Leonid N. Kutakov – 1968-1973 USSR

Alexei Efremovitch Nesterenko – 1965-1968 USSR

Valdimir Paulovich Suslov – 1963-1965 USSR

Eugeney D. Kiselev – 1962-1963 USSR

George Petrovich Arkadev – 1960-1962 USSR

Antoly Dobrynin – 1958-1959 USSR

Dragoslav Protich – 1954-1957 Yugoslavia

Ilya S. Tehernychev – 1953-1954 Yugoslavia

Constantine E. Zinchenko – 1949-1953 USSR

Arkady Alexandrovich Sobolev – 1946-1949 USSR


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