Beehive and Bees


Beehive and bees are a prominent symbol in the Mystery Schools. It signifies societal cohesion; industry. Industry in working together in a societal form.
and desire—the eternal triangle of God.

“Among Masonic symbols is the beehive, called the symbol of industry, for it clearly demonstrates how man should cooperate with his fellow men for the mutual development of all.
It also contains a much deeper message, for each living soul is a bee that travels through life and gathers the pollen of wisdom from the environments and experiences of life. As the bee gathers the honey from the heart of the flower, so each of us should extract the spiritual nectar from each happening, each joy, and each sorrow, and incorporate it into the great beehive of experience — the soul-body of man. In the same way it is said that the spiritual energies in man eternally take the life forces he is transmuting and carry them up into the beehive in the brain, where is kept the honey or oil necessary for the sustenance of life.” – Anatomy of Man Manly P. Hall pg.  33

The Bey Hive is the name given to Beyoncé's fan base.
The Bey Hive is the name given to Beyoncé’s fan base.

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