Now Is The Time

"The Time Is Now " was one of several slogans used during the Bush/Reagan 1980 presidential campaign.
“The Time Is Now ” was one of several slogans used during the Bush/Reagan 1980 presidential campaign.

Peasants’ Revolt in England

From Born In Blood pg17-18:

Winston Churchill went further. In The Birth of Britain he wrote, “Throughout the summer of 1381 there was a general ferment. Beneath it all lay organization. Agents moved round the villages of central England, in touch with a ‘Great Society’ which was said to meet in London.”

The spark of rebellion was being fanned vigorously, and finally the signal was given. Even though he had been arrested, excommunicated, and even now was a prisoner in the ecclesiastic prison at Maidstone, in Kent, letters went out from priest John Ball and from other priests who followed him. Clerics were then the only literate class, so letters must have been received by local priests and were obviously intended to be shared with or read aloud to others. They all contained a signal to act now, which could put to rest the concept that the rebellion was simply a spontaneous convulsion of frustration that just happened to affect a hundred thousand Englishmen at the same time. This from a letter from John Ball: “John Balle gretyth yow wele alle and doth yowe to understande, he hath rungen youre belle. Nowe ryght and myght, wylle and skylle. God spede every ydele [ideal]. Now is tyme.” From priest Jakke Carter: “You have gret nede to take God with yowe in alle your dedes. For now is tyme to be war.’~ From priest Jakke Trewman: “Jakke Trewman doth you to understande that falsnes and gyle have reigned too long, and trewthe hat bene sette under a lokke, and falsnes regneth in everylk flokke…. God do bote, for now is tyme.”

One letter from John Ball, “Saint Mary Priest,” is worth quoting in its entirety. Even with the medieval English spelling, the meaning will be clear. Lechery and gluttony were frequent points in his accusations of high church leaders. “John Balle seynte Marye prist gretes wele alle maner men byddes hem in the name of the Trinite, Fadur, and Sone and Holy Gost stonde manlyche togedyr in trewthe, and helpez trewthe, and trewthe schal helpe yowe. Now regneth pride in pris [prize] and covetys is hold wys, and leccherye withouten shame and glotonye withouten blame. Envye regnith with tresone, and slouthe is take in grete sesone. God do bote, for nowe is tyme amen.” (End of quote from Born In Blood)

The French Revolution

” And then as to Pamphlets– in figurative language; ‘it is a sheer snowing of pamphlets, like to snow up the Government thoroughfares!’ Now is the time for Friends of Freedom,; sane, and even insane.” – The French Revolution By Thomas Carlyle pg. 67

American Revolution

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; … …. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” – GEORGE WASHINGTON, address to the Continental Army before the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776

As the Lion king reaches the ending Simba/Horus hugs Rafiki the Priest as Rafiki tells him, “It is time.”


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