What Pope John Paul I was reading

What  Pope John Paul I was reading at the time of his death?

At first the Vitcan said “wearing his spectacles reading the ‘Imitation of Christ’ which book was held upright in his hands… ” then later stated ” This was a communications error. He was reviewing some notes. That he retained them upright in his hands…”

What is there to hide about this seeming small detail?

In 1978, the chief reporter of Radio Vaticana was father Francesco Farusi. He was told that the pope was reading the book “The Imitation of Christ” when he passed away as he reported but it was not true.

I read that there a documentary which at the 34 minute mark he states that:

the same day he was told that he was actually reading his own notes: no one will ever know what he was actually reading, but of course it was NOT “The imitation of Christ”. In the whole Vatican, there was not a single copy of it, and his personal copy was in Venice.

Late, sister Vincenza confused saying they were notes on the two hour conversation that the Pope had had the previous afternoon with the Secretary of State Villot.


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