Antonio Da Ros


Doctor Da Ros, John Paul I´s personal doctor, testimony details, delivered to the magazine 30 Giorni (1993) after fifteen years of silence:

“I talked with him two hour before his death: everything was normal”.

Visits were carried out every fifteen days.

… the doctor confirms: “I visited him three times. I talked with him by phone the night of September the 28th . Phone me tomorrow and I will be more precise about dates”.

ANTONIO DA ROS, “On Sunday September the 3rd , the day of the impressive initiation of his pontificate, after the audience granted to Vitorio Veneto´s pilgrims, I saw him, I measure his tension and I made to him the habitual controls. I then came back to the Vatican on Tuesday September the 13th , and after the visit I assisted to the general audience.

I think that even the Television recorded me, because some of my patients recognized me and they understood why I was not in the clinic. The third and last time I visited him was the Saturday September the 23rd and he invited me to have dinner with him. I have some notes to that respect, but I think that it is also included in the Vatican record, since a car came to the airport to take me to the pontifical apartment.

Three visits in a month. About the last one even the pope talks, saying to sister Vicenza the 28th of September: “The…

….. a medicine was prescribed to the Pope, the Vatican pharmacy was urgently open and Luciani died due to a mistake in the dose?”

DA ROS: “This is another of the falsehoods built around John Paul I´s death. That evening I did not prescribe him any medicine at all, five days before I had seen him, and, what respects to me, everything was all right. My phone call was routinely, nobody phoned me. I did not intend to ask for the documentation to the Phone Society: this would show that the call to Rome was initiated in Vitorio Veneto and not in Rome”


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