Pope John Paul I views/plans

Pope John Paul I in the sedia gestatoria, the last time it was used, at his last Wednesday audience in 1978. He declined to use it but was eventually convinced by the Vatican staff that its use was necessary in order to allow crowds to see him.
Pope John Paul I in the sedia gestatoria, the last time it was used, at his last Wednesday audience in 1978. He declined to use it but was eventually convinced by the Vatican staff that its use was necessary in order to allow crowds to see him.

The Papal Tiara

Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II never had a Papal Coronation or wore the papal tiara…” – The Papal Tiara: The Authority and Power of The Pope  By Sergio Becerra II

Abortion and female priesthood

His views on abortion and female priesthood were the same traditional views of the church.

Universal Church

“We wish to continue the ecumenical thrust, which we consider a final directive from our immediate Predecessors.” – L’ Osservatore Romano, Aug. 31, 1978, p. 6.

Royal ‘we’

He was the first modern pope to speak in the singular from, using ‘I’ (while referring to himself and the papacy) instead of the royal ‘we (Noi),’ though the official records of his speeches were often rewritten in more formal style by traditionalist aides, who reinstated the royal ‘we’ on press releases and in L’Osseevatore Romano. – Catholic Church Milestones By William Frank Smith page 84

Test-tube baby

As a cardinal, he had did  congratulate the parents of the first test-tube baby Louise Brow but many often that this out of context and said he was being radical. Here you can read the full interview and get a better understanding of his view.

Birth control

“In February 1974 he (JPI) gave an interview to the Venetian daily Il Gazzettino in which he made a statement that would have had incalculable implications had his papacy not been cut short. He reminded Catholics that they were obliged to abide by Humanae Vitae, then he added: ‘However, the practical difficulties remain. When the faithful tell me about them, I understand them very well. If I were the ‘divine master of the law’, I would abolish the law.'” – God’s Candidate by Paul Spackman, pg. 63-4

Luciani made a thorough study of “responsible parenthood” and consulted with many doctors and theologians. Like John XXIII and Paul VI, Luciani had studied the possibility of the “pill” being used as a “natural” method of regulating births. – Raymond and Lauretta Seabeck, The Smiling Pope, p. 35.

Church wealth

“The Church should not have power nor possess wealth… How beautiful it would have been if the pope had himself voluntarily renounced all temporal power!” -John Paul  Luigi Accattoli, When A Pope Asks Forgiveness, p. 44.

Bank and Masons rumors

John Paul I wanted to clear out over 114 well known high ranking Freemasons (the vast majority being Cardinals), then he would restack the decks, sweep clean the dead wood, sell of all Vatican treasures and try and regain control of his church and what was left of its battered integrity, after the Marcinkus scandal (Yallop, p. 23.)

It has often been  thought he was planning to revolutionize many facets of Vatican, especially Vatican’s hierarchy, and that he also planned to start investigations on Vatican’s involvement in money laundering through its bank, Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR) AKA “Banca vaticana”. Even said to go as far as to look into the Vatican’s connections with the Mafia and Masonic lodges and to replace Villot himself with Benelli.

If this is true then many powerful men; Cardinals, Archbishops, Monsignori, and laity, was at high risk. As a priest, bishop and cardinal Luciani was said that he, uniquely in Italy for that time, allowed the civil authorities to prosecute two priests of his diocese who had been guilty of stealing from their parishioners. Luciani said to have come up against the brute force and arrogance of Archbishop Paul Marckinus when he took over the Catholic Bank of the Veneto to pay off Vatican creditors. Luciani is said to go to the extent to drove to Rome to plead with an ailing Pope Paul VI who said he could do nothing about it.


14 thoughts on “Pope John Paul I views/plans”

  1. I have found no evidence at all that Luciani was gay, he was simply sympathetic to individuals. However, my research into homosexuality in the English-speaking RC Church led me to examine my own latent homosexual tendencies dating from Grammar School. Mentored by RC friends I began active gay oral sex in 2007. Anyone wisihng to discuss Church-based gay experiences in confidence please email spackmanpaul@yahoo.co.uk

  2. I am currently revising, updating and enlarging my book, hopefuljy for Italian publication. The Epilogue will contain my findings concerning bnth Luciani and the Church. My personal journey of discovery continues, on my knees.

  3. OK, I will write another reply in a few days, and check out your other blogs, thanks. Also, do you have another blog where it might be more relevant for me to discuss my homosexual awakening?

    1. https://warofroses146.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/pope-john-paul-i/

      There are many links there that go in greater detail on the topic at hand and all have reference to lol at the original work. This blog for the search for truth and true freedom. True freedom for all I have not homosexual content but I might on time write about homosexual freedom and hate crimes. Example homosexual should be all the same rights and freedoms as anyone else marry etc but not special example the reason for murder not important murder is murder not hate crime.

      1. Dear Tupactip, I am just wondering why you keep deleting my posts as I continue my search for homosexual truth? It is not my purpose to offend anyone! Please can we have dialogue!? Thanks!

  4. I like your attitude to true freedom! I will just express here that I found freedom in being mentored to accept my latent homosexuality, to suck cock on my knees. This is no longer just Church-based, there is freedom to be enjoyed at lay bys and glory holes in the secular world.

  5. A clarification to my earlier posting: I still find NO evidence of homosexuality on the pope’s part. My “gay researches” are twofold and inter-linked, both academic and personal. My academic interest was partly responsible for drawing me in to ‘experiment’ with homosexual oral practices… this triggered old latent gay tendencies and led to a personal journey of gay discovery on my knees, though I must remain for now firmly ‘in the closet’… I am therefore interested to hear from individuals on both counts, those with relevant, serious and factual Church-orientated information, and those wishing to discreetly make personal gay contact, as I wish to considerably increase my own gay oral education. The best place to meet would be near London, UK (details when contact established), I kneel in a certain lay by. I am willing to consider glory-hole locations too… you may suck my cock, but my primary purpose is to suck a wide variety of cocks myself. Thanks.

  6. I hope to post further in the next few days concerning both my academic researches and my gay awakening through fellatio. I am looking to kneel as much as I can to get the widest possible research base, so please contact me to arrange a meeting for oral sex, (London, UK), no fees. Will suck groups.

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