Alice Bailey


“He told me there was some work that it was planned that I could do in the world but that it would entail changing my disposition considerably; I would have to give up being such an unpleasant little girl and must try to get some measure of self-control. My future usefulness to Him and to the world was dependant on how I handled myself and the changes I could manage to make. He said that if I could achieve real self-control I could then be trusted and that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries, “doing your Master’s work all the time” … He added that He would be in touch with me at intervals of seven years apart. I found that this visitor was the Master K.H., the Master Koot Hoomi, a Master Who is very close to the Christ. ” – Alice Bailey, The Unfinished Autobiography, Page 35, 36, 37

“It was an effort to band together subjectively and -where possible-objectively all those people of spiritual purpose and a deep love of humanity who were actively working in many countries, either in organizations or alone.  Their name is legion.  Some few are known to the workers in the Arcane School and to F.B. and A.A.B.. Thousands are known to me but not to them.  All are working under the inspiration of the Hierarchy and are, either consciously or unconsciously, fulfilling the duties of agents of the Masters.”-Alice Bailey, The Unfinished Autobiography, Pages 250-251.

8For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. 9And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many. – Mark 5:8-9 KJV

In 1917, Alice moved to Hollywood to be near the headquarters of the. Theosophical Society at Krotona, the teachings of Theosophy by Helena Blavatsky.

Foster Bailey, her second husband, was a 33rd degree Scottish Freemason. It is said he got her into Co-Masonry.

She progressed through the ranks of Theosophy and soon became the editor of the American Theosophists newspaper. She was known as a prolific writer. She had significant revelations to add to this subject of Inner, Invisible Freemasonry.

She encountered her second “master” in 1919 that channelled through her in her writings by automatic writing, Djwhal Khul.
19 of her 24 books were channelled by him. During these writings, she spent her time formulating “The Plan” as she called it.

Bailey believed that all religions come from the same spiritual source and when humanity realises it, the consciousness of the New Age will ensue. There will be a subsequent new world religion and finally a New World Order. All believers will cooperate with the “Great Plan”, which will be revealed to them by the spiritual leaders of the race.

The leadership shall include various masters, such as, a Master Jesus. This Christ is going to be great “Person”, who will emanate the energy love and his return will result in the awakening of that energy in human consciousness. Bailey thought this Christ will be “Sanat Kumara”.

Lucis (Lucifer) Trust and other establishments

Alice Bailey, along with her husband, Foster Bailey, author of The Spirit of Masonry, established the “Lucifer Publishing Company” in 1920. In 1922, however, it was changed to the “Lucis Trust”.

They went on to establish The Arcane School. It seeks to groom a New Group of World Servers to accomplish the work of the Hierarchy of Masters, “The Christ” being the head. The Arcane School is managed by Lucis Trust as well as World Goodwill. World Goodwill, in turn, is represented at regular briefing sessions at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, being a partner of the United Nations.


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