The Fire Philosophers

The fire in Waco.
The fire in Waco.

 The Fire Philosophers teach to destory your enemies with fire to ensure that they never return, the destruction of the circle of life.

NATURA RENOVATUR INTERGRA, which literally means, “By fire, nature is perfectly renewed.”

“Those who worship this Flame are now called heathens. Little do we realize that we are heathen ourselves until we are baptised of the Holy Spirit, which is Fire, for fire is Light, and the children of the Flame are the Sons of Light, even as God is Light.”– The Initiates of the Flame (1922) Manly Hall pg. 8

“First, Orpheus, playing upon the seven stringed lyre of hie own being, the music of the spheres. Hermea the thrice greatest with his emerald tablet of divine revelation. Through the shades of the past we dimly see Krishna, the illuminated, who on the bbattlefield of life taught man the mysteries of hie own soul. Then we see the sublime Buddha, his yellow robe not half so glorious as the heart it covered, and our own dear Master, the man Jesus, his head surrounded with a halo of Golden Flame, and his brow serene with the calm of mastery. Then Mohammed, Zoroaster, Confucius, Odin, and Moses, end others no lees worthy pens by before the eyes of the student They were the Sone of Flame…

…They were without creed or clan: they served but the one great ideal. From the same place they all came, and to the same place they have returned. There was no superiority there.” – The Initiates of the Flame (1922) Manly Hall pg. 8,9

“When Atlantis ruled the word, that is now America was connected with Egypt by what is now Mexico, and in Mexico, in the territory of Yucatan, there is a Pyramid in which the Fire Philosophers worshiped God as Divine Fire and Life in like manner as did the Initiates of Egypt, for the two were then one.”-Fundamental Laws: A Report of the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order: pg. 24

“The priests lost the Word, the name of the Flame.” – The Initiates of the Flame (1922) Manly Hall pg. 8

“The ‘Fire Philosophy’ is the basis of all Religious Mysteries and all the secret philosophies of the Universe. It is also the underlying principal on which All Secret Occult Brotherhoods are founded. It was taught in the Ancient Mysteries, and, although the knowledge of it has long been lost to the world, it has always been preserved in the Occult Fraternities. The aim of all true initiation, no matter what the name of the Fraternity may be is to know the nature of the Secret Fire that regenerates the world and which renders him who comes into its possession immortal… “- A Rose Cross College R. Swinburne Clymer

“…that which we see as Free Masonry today is an attempt by the HIERARCHS OF FIRE, the Lucifer Spirits, to bring us the imprisoned spirit ‘LIGHT,’ that by it we may SEE and KNOW.” –FREEMASONRY AND CATHOLICISM by Max Heindel 1865-1919

“These people BELIEVE IN WORKS rather than faith, and by their dauntless courage and inexhaustible energy they have transformed the trackless wilderness of the world to a garden full of life and beauty,”FREEMASONRY AND CATHOLICISM by Max Heindel 1865-1919

“Those who follow the path of faith or the heart, use water, and are known as the Sons of Seth, while those who follow the path of the mind and action are the Sons of Cain, who was the son of Samael, the Spirit of Fire. Today, we find the latter among the alchemists, the hermetic philosophers, the Rosicrucians, and the Freemasons.”- Manly P. Hall33rd , “Initiates of the Flame” pg.17

“In England there still hangs on a courthouse wall the Round Table of King Arthur. In the very center of the table is a beautiful rose painted in natural colors. This symbol is that of the Rosicrucians, the ancient alchemists, and there is a direct connection between the legend of the British King and the ancient philosopher’s of fire. “-The Initiates of the Flame Manly P. Hall pg. 69

Destroyed by Fire

Fire  happened with the Move Group in Philadelphia.

The Symbionese Liberation Army were burned.

During the Inquisition years they burned their enemies at the stake.

Fire was in Lion King .


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