The Lion King

This video show some of the subliminal words hidden within the “The Lion King”

The “Lion King” is telling the story of the opposing forces of the Illuminati. They only care dispute who mounts the throne of power. They are on totally agree to destroy all existing nations, all existing religions, and create a one- world, totalitarian, socialist government which they will rule as the Beast. The wars between the Vatican, between Scarlet, and between the Beast.

Both sides agree that they will have a one-world government. There only dispute on who will sit upon the throne of the world.  Mufasa and Simba represents one side and Scar the other.

Mufasa and Simba represents the side that believes that they are protecting, and will hold forth, a king descended from the House of David and thus related directly by blood to Jesus Christ. He will hold the titles of the King of Jerusalem and Holy Roman Emperor. He will be a direct descendant of the Merovingian bloodline of the kings of France.

The side Scar represents believes to be the direct bloodline descendants of Cain. They plan to seat their king upon the throne of the world. This branch of The Mysteries, represents Marxism, Communism, the Soviet Union, all of these things. The French Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry.

Both sides represent the same philosophy.

There is also the Vatican which will side with vitory of the first two when all the dust has settled.

The mystery schools teach one of the direct descendants of Cain was Nimrod. In the Bible, Nimrod was a descendant of Ham (Genesis 10:6), the son of Noah (Genesis 10:8). Noah was of the line of Seth (Genesis 5). But they teach that  Nimrod is of the lineage Cain.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:-1 Peter 5:8 KJV

The Lion of Judah is Jesus but remember Satan is the great deciver and always attempts to counterfeit Jesus.

[Genesis 49:9-12]

Verse 9: A lion’s whelp is Judah: from the prey, my son, hast thou
come up. He hath stooped, hath crouched as a lion or as a lioness: who shall rouse him?

Verse 10: The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor the commander’s staff from between his feet, until that he come in as a Shiloh, and his be the obedience of the peoples.

Verse 11: Binding to the vine his ass; unto the choice vines his ass’s colt. He hath washed in wine his raiment, and in the blood of grapes his mantle.

Verse 12: Darker his eyes than wine, whiter his teeth than milk.

The Lion is the symbol of Babylon and The Lion of Babylon symbolically represented the King of Babylon.

When “The Lion King”  first starts you see the rising sun in the east the sky is golden, this being the Golden Age for the ancients. All the secret societies are trying and want the world to return to this so called Gloden age soon. This is The Great Work a supposed worldly Utopia.

All the animals, which represents the different races, are coming from all the Pride Land/Babylon, to pay homage at Pride Rock which is in the east for the sun rises behind it.  

“In the East, the people begin to know their rights and to be conscious of their dignity and that the sun’s rays will soon smite the summits of the mountains.” – Rex Hutchens, 32°

Pride Rock is in the shape of a pyramid it represents the Ziggurat, or Tower of Babel.

Mufasa, the Lion King, son is born. Mufasa represents Osiris. The birth of the this Young Lion is an expression of the overabundance of Pride Land/Babylon, the fertility of the land and of the kingdom. There is plenty for all. The new young lion also represents the full body of initiates. He is the child Horus. The new prince name is Simba/Horus is handed over to a baboon or a monkey priest, Rafiki. Rafiki represents the eastern influence in religion it is very akin to theosophy.

Rafiki anointing Simba with the sun if you look closely to his forehead you can also see the word sex.
Rafiki anointing Simba with the sun if you look closely to his forehead you can also see the word sex.

Mufsa/Osiris, The King,  does not  hold Simba/Horus up for all to see. He hands  Simba/Horus over Rafiki.

This shows that the King really
does not hold the true power but the priest hood.  Rafiki is the one who marches to the end of the rock and holds the Lion Cub up for all to see offering him to the light.

Scar, the brother of the King, did not attend this ceremony, and he is to be admonished for this.
Scar, the brother of the King, did not attend this ceremony, and he is to be admonished for this.

Mufsa/Osiris, is golden, beautiful, magnificent, strong.

Scar is dark, weak, cowardly, and impotent. He also has a scar over his left eye it is the mark of Cain.

Scar/Cain, is jealous of his brother saying that he should have been the King. He has all the brains. His brother has all the brawn and doesn’t deserve it.

In Arthurian legends, the legends of the Holy Grail, you know that this Dark Lion also represents the Fisher King, who was wounded in the thigh—or, as some accounts have it, between the thighs. And you know that he is doomed if he ever takes the seat.

The land in the north is barren and no one lives there for it is an evil place and is the place of darkness. Scar/Cain, sends Simba/Horus, by off into the north. The north, is the land where the hyenas are.

There is a racist message within the movie. The hyenas are the enemies of the lions, and of the entire kingdom. They represent the black and hispanic races. “The Lion King” is saying the black and hispanic races are evil, bad, dangerous, ignorant, and stupid.

Of course, Mufsa/Osiris and Simba/Horus represent the white race. The Lion is the symbol of the Tribe of Judah, the so-called Israel, Christian Identity, British Israel, International Zionism, the Anglo/Aryan race.

Simba/Horus barely escapes with his life. Scar/Cain makes a pact with the hyenas. He tells them that he will kill Mufsa/Osiris and  Simba/Horus and become the King. He promises them that they will never be hungry again. They set up the situation that will result in the death of the Mufasa/Osiris and as Scar/Cain has planned it, the death of Simba/Horus.

The kingdom is in the Golden Age. The kingdom is full of lush growth, vegetation, all of the animals are happy and fat. There is no strife in the kingdom, except the between Mufsa/Osiris  and Scar/Cain the world existed then was the best that has ever been.

Simba/Horus and a Young Lioness start a love that promises fulfillment, a fertile kingdom, and a future that will be just as good as the present.

All sacrifices were performed upon a rock under a tree. Sometimes it was an elm, an oak, and sometimes it was something else. In Isis and Osiris fable it was an acacia tree.

Simba/Horus is placed on a rock under a tree. The hyenas have assembled the herds at the head of the gorge.
Simba/Horus is placed on a rock under a tree. The hyenas have assembled the herds at the head of the gorge.

Scar/Cain tells Mufsa/Osiris that Simba/Horus is in danger.  Mufsa/Osiris go out to help and then the stampede is started. Now in the gorge comes the huge herd of the plains animals into a canyon.

Mufsa/Osiris, represents the sun which dies at sunset.

Osiris was killed by his brother Typhon, called Set or Seth.

Mufasa also represents Abel.

He represents the sacrificed King.

John F. Kennedy was also the sacrificed King and was murdered the same way in Elm Street.

Mufsa/Osiris, is trampled to death, just about.  Simba/Horus escapes and watches Mufsa/Osiris as he is hanging by his claws from the edge of the gorge, Scar/Cain, knocks him off.

Cain slays Abel.

The sun sets.

Osiris is killed by his brother, Typhon, the august body of The Mysteries.

Mufsa/Osiris, falls down and is trampled by the herd.

Simba/Horus, thinking that he is the cause of Mufsa/Osiris, and
realizing that there is no way he can explain this to his mother/Isis, The Widow~and he is the Widow’s Son-he leaves the kingdom.

In the Bible and in history, it’s represented by Seth, who conquers Babylon with an army and scatters Nimrod’s college across the world.

It is also represented by the scattering of the tribes of Israel.

The slain King, Mufsa/Osiris, represents the Lost Word— that which was lost, thedoctrine.

The Widow, Simba mother, Isis,
represents the Church— the Church.

Simba/Horus, the Widow’s Son, who leaves the kingdom, represents the scattered college. He is the full body of initiates.

Simba/Horus, goes out into the world: alone and no place to go. He finds two other outcasts.

One, a little lemur,  represents Jewish and the Cabala influence on The Mysteries. Also B’nai B’rith.

Also a warthog, which represents all the down-trodden, ugly outcasts, the nerds, the people that have no place in the world, the handicapped. All those who do not feel any allegiance or loyalty to any other body who have joined this union, hoping that, in the end, they will be vindicated and will have their place in the sun.

The three form a union. They come together. This outcast trio represents British Israelism.

They wander about in the wilderness, seeking the Promised Land and they are persecuted and attacked. Simba/Horus, fights off the attackers and protects the other two.

This being the Kingdom of England-Great Britain-which is represented by a lion.

The Young Lioness returns and he falls in love, this Young Lion, and she keeps telling him: “Remember who you are.”

And Rafiki/eastern influence in religion returns.  He keeps telling him: “Remember who you are.”

And this monkey Priest and the Young Lioness keep urging him to go back and claim his rightful kingship, for he is the True King, they tell him. He is the descendant of the Dead King. And they tell him that the Dead King lives on in him. And they tell him to look into a reflecting pool to see, and there he is looking back at the Simba/Horus – Mufsa/Osiris, in himself for he is the genetic duplication.

Simba/Horus says, “No, I cannot because of my past. I cannot. I’m afraid. They’ll know who I am and they’ll know what I did,” -talking about the bad things that existed in Babylon. He does not want to reveal who he is.

Rafiki the Priest, representing the religious philosophy of the east, smacks him upside the head with his staff. And the Lion King says, “Ouch! Ouch! Why did you do that?”

He says, “It doesn’t matter. It’s in your past.” Simba/Horus now understands. So he says he will go back after thought to be dead. This representing a death and ressactection.

Scar/Cain, and the hyenas also representing the race of Cain-when they made this pact.

When Scar/Cain ascends to the throne of the kingdom, it happens on the pinnacle of an obelisk with the crescent moon surrounds his head.
When Scar/Cain ascends to the throne of the kingdom, it happens on the pinnacle of an obelisk with the crescent moon surrounds his head.

During “Be Prepared”, the hyenas’ marching past Scar on the elevated rock was inspired by footage of Nazis marching by Adolf Hitler on a podium.

Here is a song that didn’t make the final cut of the movie about the Golden age and deliciously squared.

While Simba/Horus was out wandering in the wilderness with his two friends. The kingdom is dying. All of the green trees die, all of the grass dies.

Scar/Cain , also representing the Fisher King who is wounded between the thighs-has laid waste to the kingdom.

Scar/Cain sin was the mixing of the races. There was no food. The pastures dried up. The trees died. The kingdom became as the north-barren and wasted. Barren and wasted.

Simba/Horus goes back and there is a tremendous battle between him and Scar/Cain, and the hyenas, and the young lemur, and the warthog, and some other allies that showed up at the last moment.

And there you see the fires raging, burning everywhere. The philosophers of fire teach that the circle of life ends if consumed by fire. So your enemies will not return and still be against you but are total destroyed removed from the circle of life.

Here is the same philosophy on all sides involved.

“Originally, the movie was actually going to end with Simba being the one thrown off the cliff during the final battle against Scar, who then starts laughing maniacally as the fire gradually burns him to death.”-

As the movie reaches the ending Simba/Horus hugs Rafiki the Priest as Rafiki tells him, “It is time.

Simba/Horus wins he marries the Lioness. And the trees sprout, and the plain is lush with grass, and all the animals are happy and have the food.

They are all separated according to kind. They are no longer mixed. The races are separated.
They are all separated according to kind. They are no longer mixed. The races are separated.

The kingdom blossoms. The sun rises again and the New Age is reborn as the old Golden Age returned to the earth.

The warthog and the little lemur, representing the Jews, are happy
finally and have their place in the sun. They’re exalted.

This  is teaching  that there is looming before us the dawn of a New Age, a return to the Golden Age, where the races will once again be separated, and the Tower of Babel, represented by Pride Rock, will be rebuilt and restored in the east.

The Circle of Life is know as the  Bhavacakra and is often referred to as the wheel of life in Buddhism. It is representation of samsara. Which is the cycling through one rebirth after another within six realms of existence.

“Circle of Life” lyrics

Special thanks to William Cooper this is largely taken from his research.


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    1. What I TRIED to do is teach truth making it clear simple and documented. This post was harder to keep short. If you look at Walt Disney post it reveals that the purpose of Disney was, DeMolay which is basically children Freemasonry. Simply put Disney is used to teach and spread wht modern day people would call Freemasonry but is luciferisum.

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