Catholic Church

The word catholic (with lowercase c; derived via Late Latin catholicus, from the Greek adjective καθολικός (katholikos), meaning “universal”.

Vicar of Christ

Anti and vicar have the same meaning. Thus, Vicar of Christ and Antichrist are exactly the same by definition just different languages.

The Water Philosophers

“Catholicism (Christianity) is an activity of the HIERARCHS OF WATER, and places ‘HOLY WATER’ at the Temple door to quench the spirits seeking light and knowledge and to inculcate FAITH in Jehovah” –FREEMASONRY AND CATHOLICISM byMax Heindel1865-1919

Catholic Sacramentals  and Traditions compared to Jesus and the rest of the saints have said in the Holy Bible.

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Pat Robertson signed and endorsed a 1994 ecumenical document which was also signed by many other leading Evangelical and Roman Catholic scholars in the United States.


Pope John Paul I

Metropolitan Nikodim

Antonio Da Ros

Ignatius Loyola

The Templars, like all other Secret Orders and Associations, had two doctrines, one concealed and reserved for the Masters, which was Johannism; the other public, which was the Roman Catholic. ” morals and dogma p817 by Albert Pike 

Freemasonry And Catholicism

“The writer is not a Mason, and thus he is free to say what he knows without fear of violating obligations, but he is a Mason at heart, and therefore frankly opposed to Catholicism.”–FREEMASONRY AND CATHOLICISM by Max Heindel 1865-1919 pg 6


Ignatius Loyola and six followers in 1539, they formed the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), approved in 1540 by Pope Paul III, as well as his Spiritual Exercises approved in 1548.

In 2013, Jorge Mario Bergoglio became the first Jesuit Pope, as Francis I.

Three City Empire: Vatican-City of London-Washington D.C.

Vatican Observatory and Lucifer

Vatican has an observatory in Arizona, that is next to “Lucifer” which is NOT part of the Vatican Observatory as others have claimed.


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